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Bioresonance technology for diagnosis, therapy and prevention.

The existence of Bioresonance today is a result of research by many brilliant scientists. Of notable mention are Dr Franz Morell and his son-in-law, Dr Erich Rasche, Dr Royal Ramond Rife (1888-1971), Dr Reinhard Voll (1909 - 1989). Based on their studies, many models of Diagnostic and Healing devices have been developed through the years. These people were the first that developed these devices based on Bioresonance and Electroacupuncture. 

Highly accurate results for personal diagnosis, therapy and prevention.
  • Provides a holistic diagnosis with 93% accuracy.
  • It offers a highly personalized diagnosis of the patient, taking into consideration the root causes of illness.
  • Painless and Harmless.
  • Only one session (average 1-3 hours) covers all health issues - saving time and money.
  • It can give us much more reliable answers to protect our body.
  • It can show if we submit our bodies in significant exposure to toxic intrinsic tolerances.
  • Provides an overview of the entire body and finds which organs are burdened. Many times these disorders are caught so early that the standard diagnostic tests do not reveal them.
  • Allows the identification of parasites, microorganisms etc. Even those which are not officially recognized by traditional medicine.

Electromagnetism is everywhere and its' effects are felt by everyone. Without it, life on earth would be impossible! The sun is our foremost source of electromagnetic energy on earth. Its energy produces vibrational frequencies within our bodies which we term ‘resonance’. Thus, the term ‘bioresonance’. Despite the fact that it generates vast amounts of it, only a mere 6% of it reaches the surface of the Earth.

All items found on the planet have their own resonant frequencies.  The same goes for all the organs in our body, much like the note produced by a tuning fork. It is only natural then, that all viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites also feature their own resonant frequencies.

Whenever one of our organs starts to fail, its resonant frequency drops. It is now known - for example - that the frequency at which our healthy lungs resonate stands at 72 cycles per second (Hertz / Hz). If the lungs start failing, their frequency will also drop, to 71, 70 or even lower Hertz readings.

The healing process begins if we now generate the proper healthy frequency – using a resonance frequency generating device – and introduce it next to the weakening organ. This procedure will help the organ get back to its healthy state. Via this procedure, we can recuperate all the organs in our body thus healing and revitalising our entire body gaining our health back. This is what Bioresonance is and how it operates in basic terms.

A very well-known example of the effects of resonance is a breaking wine glass next to a speaker. A crystal wine glass has a resonant frequency of around 500 Hz. If we now produce this very same sound next to the glass at a certain volume, it will absorb this frequency and resonate fiercely until it breaks. This is what scientists call the phenomenon of resonance.

In the very same way, viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites have their own specific resonant frequencies – frequencies that if are reproduced accurately and at the correct level - they’ll break just as the crystal wine glass does in front of a speaker. Here is a video showing this process below for further comprehension.

The technology of Bioresonance has evolved into the creation of diagnostic, healing and prevention devices.

A Diagnostic Device can also function as a therapeutic Device. It can perceive, through special electrodes, electromagnetic impulses and cure the patient. Some Diagnostic Devices even have the ability to make a therapy to a big range of distance, therefore therapy to many patients at once. The patient must visit the Therapist many times for therapeutic sessions until the best achievable results.

There are Bioresonance Devices that are especially designed only for Therapies. Some of them need electricity to work and some are portable - using only batteries. DEHolding invented Bioresonance Therapy Portable Devices that anyone can use at any time at any place. They are easy to use, just placing it in a pocket or somewhere near the body.

Our devices have the ability to generate and deliver frequency waves that are exactly opposite (as in a mirror), from the pathological wave. In scientific terminology, they generate a wave which is exactly "opposite in phase" or the inverse of the pathological wave to which we expose it. This is how ‘resonance’ is created, and the ultimate result is the elimination of the pathological wave. In this way, the individual’s energy balance is restored to a healthy state.

The professional diagnostic and healing devices made by DEHolding are used by leading practitioners worldwide.

All DEHolding devices undergo clinical trials and are certified by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health. These multi-awarded devices have also been patented in many different countries and cover vital EU-recognised safety requirements. DEHoldings' European headquarters are in Germany – the country featuring the highest level of quality & safety standards in Europe.

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