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During a whole day in the human body a certain amount of toxins accumulate, from food and drink. We communicate with different people, we are affected by climatic conditions, and all this is surrounded by a huge number of microbes. Of course, we cannot fence ourselves against all these factors by washing hands, vitamin supplements or full isolation.

But there are ways that give high results in protecting and cleansing the body. In order to release and protect your body from toxins, we recommend the DeVita AP Mini device and the smart cell nutrition supplement DeLixir Detox.

DeVita AP Mini is a device that works on most known pathogens - viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminths and protozoa, helping in cleansing the human organism. And in order to allow the body to release toxins that accumulated during the day and strengthen its immunity with vitamins, the smart cell nutrition supplement DeLixir Detox is necessary. It is a unique supplement with the effect of detoxification, which helps to cope with bad ecology, infections, increased physical exertion, etc.

How does it work?
In the evening, when the body is full of harmful microorganisms and toxins, we use DeVita AP Mini to remove all hostile microflora, and using DeLixir Detox, to give the body vitamins and help to remove the toxins that accumulated during the day.

Cleanse and protect your body with DEHolding!

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