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What exactly these devices do, in simple words?
The philosophy of the therapeutic devices and their operation is simple. Just like with coordination a glass can break into a thousand pieces, the same can happen with the emission of electromagnetic waves in the appropriate frequency also to a virus, a bacterium, a microorganism or a parasite or to aid an organ of the body to return to its healthy frequency and consequently be healed. Furthermore, using the diagnostic devices, it's possible with the emission of electromagnetic waves at specific frequencies to determine if the body has been infected with a parasite, microorganism, virus or bacterium, as well as the general condition of all the organs of the body.
All these things you are saying do not concern me, because i'm healthy.
Health is the highest good in life and you should be happy you're healthy. All the rest are inferior to health. The bioresonance devices of Deta-Elis not only cater to people suffering from health problems, but also to healthy minded people who wish to maintain their body and organs in good condition, unaffected by parasites, microorganisms, viruses, and toxins. For this reason in the Deta-Ap and Deta-Ritm devices there are general programs installed by the manufacturer for the prophylaxis and stimulation of the body. Moreover, because many diseases in the early stages, infections, viruses and attacks from parasites are asymptomatic, meaning they don't give evidence for their existence, possibly only when they have spread and developed to a large extent, we suggest you proactively take a general examination with a diagnostic bioresonance device by Deta-Elis, from a collaborating specialist. For the collaborating doctors in your area you can contact the associate who spoke with you about the company or, if there is no such person, you can request to be informed by us.
Are the devices easy to use?
The devices Deta-Ap and Deta-Ritm are absolutely easy to use. They have a button from which they open and close, two buttons with arrow keys to select the desired program, a button to launch the program and a digital display, which displays the number, title of the program and its remaining duration. They require two AA batteries, rechargeable or not. It's recommended to use rechargeable batteries, which are commercially priced at about 12 € for four, including the power adapter, because the devices consume a lot of energy and the batteries last for about thirty hours of function. The diagnostic devices of Deta-Elis require specialized handling knowledge and are used exclusively by physicians who have received training from the company on these machines.
Are there any seminars where I can get more information on the devices?
Periodically seminars and events are held in major cities, where you can get information about the devices, chat with doctors and associates of the company and see the devices up close.
Can i use the devices alongside certain dietary supplements?
These devices combat viruses, parasites and microorganisms and help to restore or maintain the health of all the body organs. But they can not provide the body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins required for the proper functioning of the body, which must be obtained from external sources, that is from food. However the current way of life, marked by the preference of consuming foods that are tasty but not always nutritious, as well as the industrialization in the area of food production, have contributed to the low content and limited intake of those nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Especially, dietary supplements should be taken by people with vitamin deficiencies, pregnant women, women of menopausal age, patients with cardiovascular problems, smokers, alcoholics, elderly, and vegetarians. Also, people that do not have time to eat full and adequate meals, that take slimming diets, people underweight (if deemed necessary by the competent health scientist), those who want to improve their overall health, their physical condition, who play sports or are under stress. Finally, patients or patients in recovery (e.g. from malabsorption, hepatobiliary diseases, burn victims, persons with congenital metabolic problems). Along with the use of devices you can consume any supplements you consider best for you or your doctor has recommended them to you. To purchase related products at a discount up to 70% please contact us!
Can the devices also be used as a precaution, other than therapeutic purposes?
The devices are recommended to be used for preventative purposes, for example, to maintain the good condition of the liver or preventing the development of a group of parasites in the body or for the detoxification or the general strengthening of the immune system, in combination with the appropriate food supplements.
Can these devices help my cat / dog to get rid of parasites?
The pet animals we live with are members of our family and we love the same way we love all our own people. Therefore, it makes sense to care also for their good health, not only for them not to suffer, but also because there is a risk of health problems due to viruses, microorganisms and parasites, that our animals are facing, affect our health as well, many times with non-reversible consequences . The consequences that Toxoplasma may have in women who are pregnant or about to become pregnant are widely known, while this intracellular parasite, which, using a cat as a host, can affect humans and other animals through contaminated food and contaminated environment. The nematelminthes have a white - pink colour and are curled, just like a thin, coiled rope. They live in the stomach or intestines of the animal and reach 10 cm in length. They are usually excreted intact in the faeces or in the vomit of animals. Some times the eggs of the parasites may become larvae, which nestle behind the retina of the eye. This can cause damage or even blindness in one eye. The Deta-Ap device features frequencies that affect and kill all the dangerous parasites carried by the animal pets. It can be put into operation at night and positioned at a distance of up to one meter from the place of rest of the animal. That way you will have an additional protection against pests without your pet realizing even the slightest and with limited or no use of hazardous ampoules, medicines, shampoos and anti-parasitic collars, which cause irritation and allergies.
How many diseases can these devices help with?
The Deta-Ap device can be programmed to emit in about 1500 frequencies and the Deta-Ritm device in another 1500 different frequencies, ie a total of two devices covering more than three thousand frequencies.
How much do the devices cost?
For the exact cost of the devices you can check the corresponding area of our website.
I am a doctor and I am interested in the diagnostic devices of Deta-Elis.
The doctors cooperating with Deta-Elis have specialized medical equipment of the company, with which they carry out a universal scanning of the whole body and diagnosis by the method of bioresonance. They detect parasites, viruses, diseases, and the general condition of all body organs. To inquire about a cooperating physician in your area, contact the one who suggested you the devices of the company, or if there is no such person, then you can request information from us, through the electronic form of the website.
Are the devices safe? Have there been any adverse reactions observed from their use?
The devices are completely safe to use . You can have them in your pocket, hung around your neck or at distance of up to one meter from your body. They operate with two rechargeable or non-rechargeable AA batteries. By the investigations carried out over a period of twenty years no side effects have been observed from the use of bioresonance devices.
I just do not believe that bioresonance can deliver results!
It is reasonable for anything new to seem strange to us, to frighten us and causing aversion; especially when it threatens to alter the established notions and redefine our beliefs and principles towards another direction. The man reacts to something new subliminally with disbelief, in some cases indeed doing so correctly judging from the result and that is why the great discoveries and inventions in the history of mankind were slow to receive a wider acceptance. Particularly in the field of healthcare, the human suffering caused by its loss becomes convenient for exploitation and commercialization by well-wishers charlatans and therefore understandably most of us need be very cautious, in order not to fall victims to scams, suffer financial loss, psychological distress and loss of our health. However, as a defence towards something new, we now have the knowledge and the information society, which opens before us through the internet. On the web there are thousands of websites in several languages, where one can find information about bioresonance, how it affects us, the studies that have been done and the results of its application. We have an obligation to ourselves, above all, to evaluate all things new on the basis of real facts and data and not to dogmatically deny, fear and distrust the unfamiliar. Therefore, before you reject the new health proposal from Deta-Elis, we suggest you do a search on google for «bioresonance therapy» in order to draw the necessary information before finalizing your assessment. You can also see the videos appearing on the corresponding area of our website, where doctors applying bioresonance on their patients for years talk about its amazing results. Study, with the help of the online Google translator, on the official website of Deta-Elis, the more than one hundred clinical studies carried out in public hospitals and clinics of the Russian Federation on the devices of the company. Check on our website, the medals and certifications that the devices received. It can not be that everyone is lying!
Is there a diagnostic capability for potential diseases by using bioresonance?
The doctors collaborating with Deta-Elis have specialized medical devices of the company, with which they carry out universal scans of the whole body and perform a diagnosis by the method of bioresonance. They detect parasites, viruses, diseases, and the general condition of all the organs of the body. To inquire about a partner physician in your area, contact the one who suggested the devices of the company to you, or if there is no such person, then you can request information from us, through the electronic form of the website.
Is there any evidence for the effectiveness of the devices?
To obtain certification of public authority and authorization for the devices in the Russian Federation, research was prepared for a period of twenty years and clinical studies in groups of patients in mainly public hospitals, which outnumber one hundred studies. All these studies are published in the official website of Deta-Elis in Russian and part of them is published translated on our website.
It is possible to program the devices with programs specifically for me?
Upon receiving the device you can visit one of the collaborating doctors of Deta-Elis who possess the necessary software and the programming knowledge to install the programs that they deem necessary to address your health problems. The doctors usually do not charge extra for device programming and their fee is paid within the visit. For that matter you arrange with your doctor in advance
Should the devices be programmed before use?
Each device has preinstalled general programs by the manufacturer, which later can be replaced by the attending physician in the context of treatment or prevention for each patient. Specifically, the Deta-Ap 20 device features twenty preinstalled programs, thirteen in Deta-Ap 13 and thirteen in Deta-Ritm 13 respectively. These general programs contribute to the overall toning and detoxification of the body.
Your devices are expensive.
The current heavy financial and social conditions in the world, make the devices of Deta-Elis almost equal to a monthly part time salary. However the concept of "cheap" and "expensive" is relative. The criterion of classification of things and our activities in our consciousness from the cheaper to the more expensive is whether or not we deem them as important and necessary. For example, many people spend more than 100 € per month, which is more than 1200 € per year for the purchase of cigarettes. We consider smoking so essential, that its cost is not considered a limiting factor for its discontinuation. Others spend the amount of 300 € - 400 € each year for the purchase of a new mobile device. The fact that a part of the value of the device is covered by the grant constitutes only an excuse, because if we kept our old device, the subsidy received for buying a new one would be deducted from our monthly fee. Others pay at least 100 € per month, i.e. 1200 € per year to lease a parking spot for our car, since it saves us the time from looking for a parking spot at the edge of a sidewalk and simultaneously provides security from thefts, weather conditions and surface blemishes by the adjacent vehicles. Others pay 50 € every month, i.e. 600 € per year for a subscription to coded TV channels, so we can watch football on weekends and new movies. If thus the off charge for the purchase of such a device, which we will be using for years and will safeguard the health of ourselves and our family, which is the highest good of all, seems expensive, then we need to re-evaluate our priorities. The devices of Deta-Elis are worth it, but they are not expensive. On the contrary, they might save us a lot of money, psychological and physical suffering in the future, since they help in preventing diseases and maintaining good health.

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