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The 7 development spheres of Deta Elis Holding, presented by the President of the company, Roman Novikov, at the International Leaders Conference 2019, Hurghada, Egypt.

We continue to keep you informed on the speeches of the first day (October 8) of the Leaders Conference 2019!

The next speaker was Roman Novikov - President of DEHolding.

Mr. Roman presented the 7 Health and Development Spheres of DEHolding, some of which are already in progress:

1. Quick Testing - a regular assessment of your health status using the digital diagnostic method.

2. Digital Therapy - Keep yourself healthy with DeVita portable devices.

3. Smart Cell Nutrition - Daily fill the body with vitamins and trace elements using DeLixir Smart Cell Nutrition Supplements.

4. Alive Water - Drink clean water, alkalizing and filling your body with minerals.

5. Vedic diet - live consciously and add Vedic diet to your daily routine.

6. Physical activity - have an active lifestyle by healing your body with exercise.

7. Conscious thinking - work with your subconscious and think, increasing the frequency of your vibrations.

These 7 spheres are interconnected and work together to create a unique and effective approach for maintaining health and achieving success.

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