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Dear partners!

DEHolding would like to kindly remind you, that the new “Stop Coronavirus” Complex is not a medical method!

The Complex was created in order to protect the body from viral and bacterial load, and to strengthen the natural human immunity.

How do DeVita AP technologies work against viruses and bacteria, as well as all pathogenic microorganisms that exist in the human body?

Each virus, bacterium or pathogenic microorganisms has its own range of frequencies, which corresponds to its vital functions. By applying these frequencies at a higher power, using electromagnetic radiation, we cause their neutralization. It is absolutely safe both for the human body and for its natural microflora.

The “Stop Coronavirus” Complex will also be useful to those who have already received the necessary medical treatment in order to maintain vitality, restore the body's adaptive capabilities and reduce toxic load.

Contact your healthcare provider for treatment. For best prevention, conduct regular check-ups, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

DeVita technologies and the “Stop Coronavirus” Complex will help with reducing the negative impact during the epidemic and will support the immune system.

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