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Even the most reliable mechanism breaks down from excessive loads: such a thin, complex and fragile apparatus, like the human nervous system, is no exception.

Unfortunately, nervous breakdowns are by no means a rarity today, and there is nothing strange about this. Modern life puts forward a lot of requirements, and we, trying to meet them, often over-strain and experience tremendous stress loads. And the distance from constant stress to a nervous breakdown is very short.

The new program "CNS without Problems" on the DeVita AP Mini device, helps in the improvement of the function of the central nervous system after exposure to various factors (infectious, traumatic, etc.) It helps to restore the nerve connections between the central nervous system and the peripheral, relieves from swelling and pain.

Application: Daily, for 1-6 months (depending on personal needs of a person). It is advised for use in conjunction with the program "Healthy Nerves" (see the Complex "Lyme Disease").  (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 3/No. 6)

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