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Maintaining the health of the oral cavity is directly dependent on the quality of the gums as they perform protective functions as well as provide nutrients to the dental tissues. Gum problems very often, without proper treatment, lead to various diseases and then tooth loss. Therefore, careful care is required, in combination with timely treatment of the emerging diseases.

Gingivitis is a superficial inflammation that affects the marginal areas of the gum tissue. It often occurs due to poor oral hygiene, which causes plaques to accumulate on the enamel with harmful micro-organisms that multiply actively.

Gum disease (gingivitis) is caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. People who wear dentures and braces may be at risk.

The new program "Healthy Gums" on the DeVita AP Mini device, helps in the reduction of the pathogenic load, the inflammatory processes and in the improvement of the tissue.

Application: Daily, for 1-2 months. (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 3/No. 1)

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