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Almost every person encounters stress daily, which negatively affects the nervous system (both central and autonomic). As a result of exposure to negative emotions, various diseases develop. That is why it is so important to think in a timely manner about how to strengthen the nervous system and psyche.

When stressful situations affect a person unfavorably, he needs to calm down as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many find relaxation in alcohol, cigarettes or sweets. People leading a healthy lifestyle cope with stress by taking hot baths, massages, aromatherapy sessions, drinking tea.

All these options really have a calming effect, and in the second case also without any health harm, but, unfortunately, all of them have a temporary effect.

Then what to do to restore our nervous system?

The new program "Nervous System - General" on the DeVita Ritm Mini device, supports the nervous system, leads to the coordinated work of it, establishes the functional and psychological state of a person, and regulates mental processes and mood.

Application: Use the program once a day for one month. (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 2/No. 22)

As a preventive measure, apply this scheme of use 2-3 times a year. 

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