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Tooth injuries – a violation of the anatomical integrity of the tooth or its connection with the posterior tissues, leading to a reversible or irreversible loss of its functional properties. Tooth injuries are represented by a bruise, crack, fracture of the crown or root, damage to the root, dislocation of the tooth. The clinic of tooth injuries is different and may include tooth pain, its mobility, a change in shape or position in the dentition, impaired chewing function, and more.

Also, after a dental operation by a dentist, it is necessary to drink a lot of painkillers in order to remove pain and discomfort in the mouth. And how else can we accelerate the healing of teeth and tissues?

The new program "Stop Injury (teeth)" on the DeVita AP Mini device reduces pain, speeds up the healing process, and relieves from swelling.

Application: daily for 1-2 weeks. Use immediately after dental procedures for the treatment, removal, implantation of teeth. (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 3/No. 5)

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