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Dental health depends on a huge number of factors. First of all, on care, hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. If proper teeth care is established in early childhood, and a person does not shy away from this scheme, he can hope that his teeth will be preserved without loss until old age.

It is very important not to miss the moment when the teeth begin to decay.

But what if one of the first signals of destruction: bleeding gums and unsteady teeth - has already arrived? How to maintain healthy teeth?

The new program "Strong Teeth" on the DeVita Ritm Mini device, regulates blood microcirculation, strengthens gums, restores damaged mucous membranes, and thereby improves the condition of the oral cavity and teeth.

Application: In case of bleeding gums and teeth loss, use the program daily for a month, once a day.

For prevention, repeat this scheme of application 2-3 times a year. (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 2/No. 23)

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