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Yeast fungi of the genus Cryptococcus, affect the central nervous system, lungs, skin, mucous membranes.

The causative agents of infection are detected by laboratory tests in soil, milk, vegetables, fruits, and air. Pigeons spread the pathogenic fungi, but they do not suffer from cryptococcosis themselves. Bird faeces contain a large concentration of the fungi that pollute the soil. It may occur due to the penetration of fungi into the soil when they are fertilized with manure. The causative agent may be found in the faeces of cats, dogs, horses.

Contact transmission of the infection through abrasions and wounds on the skin is possible.
Cases of infection of people through alimentary route are known.

After the penetration into the human body, the pathogen usually settles in the lungs and causes inflammation. But often cryptococci, due to their special sluggishness, go immediately to the brain. Other tissues and organs are not always involved in the pathological process. Usually, their damage occurs a second time, as a result of haematogenous introduction of the infection.

People cannot infect each other. That is why quarantine measures are not carried out with cryptococcosis. Individuals with severe dysfunction of the immune system are the most susceptible to the infection. The disease occurs in all countries, regardless of the living standards.

The new program "Without Cryptococcus" on the DeVita AP Mini device, is specifically aimed at neutralizing these microorganisms without harming the organs and systems of the human organism.

Application: daily for 2 weeks. (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 2/No. 19)

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