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Clibsellae are bacteria belonging to the same family as Colobacteria (Enterobacteriaceae). As they increase in number within the human body, they affect the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and urinary systems. They cause severe intoxication when the functionality of these organs and systems is impaired.

The source of infection is an infected person or an asymptomatic carrier of the infection. The main mechanisms of bacterial penetration are:
- Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, ie dirty hands, consumption of unwashed fruits and vegetables,
- Ingestion of dairy products and consumption of meat with defective heat treatment
- A severe cough or sneezing - only one patient with pneumonia can infect healthy people with airborne droplets.

The new program "Without Klebsiella" on the DeVita AP Mini device, is specifically aimed at destroying these micro-organisms without damaging the organs and systems of the human organism.

Application: Daily, for 2 weeks.  (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 2/No. 31)

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