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DeVita Cosmo

€ 594,00

The unbelievable price of the unique device DeVita COSMO at €495 (21% discount) . We remind you that the normal price of the device is €630, so you have a saving of €135!

 Facial Skin and General State of Health

When we say “facial skin“, especially when it comes to women’s skin, we imagine its beauty and elasticity, unique vibrancy, smooth and delicate color, and do not absolutely think about its constitution. In order to understand what our skin needs, what can support it and what can enlarge its tonus, it is necessary to know clearly the constitution of facial skin. Many people know that it is possible to read in a person’s face not only his fate, his character, but also his state of health. Any problems in organs
are immediately refl ected on a face in form of wrinkles, irritation, acne, etc. With correct application of DeVita-Cosmo device programs everyone can prevent formation of these unwanted “guests” on skin.
For preventive purposes the device is recommended to use from age of 15-25 years at least once a week. After 25 years DeVita-Cosmo is desirable to use regularly. This will help your facial skin to stay longer in a good state, and you - in a good mood.

Benefits of DeVita Cosmo:

  • Smoothing of wrinkles
  • Non-surgical facelift
  • Getting rid of blackheads and pimples
  • Restoration of skin protective functions, normalization of metabolic processes, complexion improvement
  • As a result of the regular use of the device your skin becomes smoother, firmer and suppler

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