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An innovative therapy device that incorporates three levels of healing in one device:
1.treatment with electro-acupuncture
2.treatment with electromagnetic therapy
3.treatment with quantum healing

It is a device that combines the Deta-Ritm and the Deta-Cosmo into one device.

It is not so portable as these devices which are pocket size, so this is more designed for the health practitioner to have in their office for treating patients.

The device uses a special antenna which enables therapy to be applied to the whole body while the patient sits in comfort and relaxes. The device is capable of treating 432 diseases with specific programme frequencies. The health practitioner also has the capability to programme the Deta-UDT so that it can run a series of frequencies automatically – this saves the practitioner a lot of time. A total of 8 frequencies can be input and run in series automatically as one programme – the frequency range of the device is 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz. To make treatments with the device more effective, two modes can be used concomitantly. The quantum light can be used on any of the 19 zones of the body, as well as using the electromagnetic waves to heal all the body.
There are many therapeutic uses, but to name some as examples:
 •Strengthening of the immune system
•Aiding in the treatment of children with learning difficulties disabilities
•Optimizing health and maintaining wellness
•Aiding in the treatment of arrhythmias and other diseases of the cardiovascular system
•Treatment of insomnia
•Anti-oxidant effect
•Analgesic effect
•Relief from migraine pain
•Treatment of inflammations
•Treating edema
•Activate cell regeneration
•Reducing symptoms of depression
•Stress reduction and relaxation
•Improvement of blood micro-circulation
This is a device for use by qualified health practitioners and requires extensive training by practitioners that are familiar with its use.
Download the manual here!

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