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4 Steps to place your order

Step 1
Click Store and then from the store page chooce the products you want to purchase. (See Pictures below)

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Step 2
After you chooce your products and you are at the Basket page, fill your shipping information and click Ready.
Don't do anything at the field of collection of company warehouses. (See picture below)

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Step 3
At the next page you have to choose the payment method so you will pay with a credit card.
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Below you can find and download all you need related to each product, such as manuals, leaflets, presentations, list of programs, complexes and more.

Devita AP+
Devita Ritm+
Devita Energy 11
Devita Combi
Devita BRT
Devita Cosmo
Devita UDT
Devita Professional
Clinical Studies
Deta Elis Holding Certifications



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Deta Elis Holding has, throughout years of experience in bioresonance treatment, created 12 sets of unique programs (complexes) to help clients easily use the devices to achieve the best health and wellness results. Following an analysis of 3000 programs, Deta Elis Holding has created 60 new programs. Thirty programs for the DeVita Ap and thirty programs for the DeVita Ritm. Every program is a complex of frequencies on its' own (general program). For example, the Anti-Virus program is covering multiple frequencies of various viruses. 

The programs required to work with these complexes are already pre-installed on the devices by Deta Elis Holding. Each device is loaded with the required programs upon purchase.

These twelve new sets of programs are designed for cure as well as prevention of illness.

The 12 Ready Sets of Programs (Complexes)


All information on how to use these sets of programs is included in the leaflets. Click here to download.


The devices designed to make optimal use of the complexes are DeVita Ap, DeVita Ritm, DeVita Energy and the USB DeInfo Programmer.  The complexes are to be used with only the particular device uniquely designed for it.

The DeInfo is needed for creating the automatic programs which can be used even during sleep. With this feature, the devices become even more user friendly and convenient. What is an automatic program? An automatic program can be set up on the device by choosing the programs to be used, thus creating a set of programs in sequence. This can then be used at the click of a button and the device will run all programs that have been chosen.
DeVita Ritm is loaded with two pre-set automatic programs, upon purchase. These automatic programs are useful while using the twelve sets of programs (complexes) during the day. For example, the DeVita Ap which combats all the microorganisms, is advised to be used at night, during sleep. So it is important to create an automatic program to run all night.

If you are having a difficulty on how to use the devices combined with the complexes or how to create automatic programs, leave a message here and a member of our team will contact you soon.

For people who are suffering with serious illness, it is advised to seek a Deta Elis Holding practitioner for a complete diagnosis and the devices will be programmed by the practitioner. Please leave a message here and we will help you get in touch with a Deta Elis Holding practitioner.


Use DeVita Devices in combination with DeLixir Ultra Slim+ for ultimate results in weight loss!

deta elis picture

DEHolding has created new programs that are made especially to be used in combination with DeLixir Ultra Slim and are already loaded on the USB DeInfo Programmer.

These new specially constructed programs have the purpose of empowering the strength of DeLixir Ultra Slim+ for faster and more effective weight loss and the immediate activation of the metabolism.

The new programs available on the USB DeInfo Programmer are:

DeVita Ap

  1. Weight Control
  2. Healthy Lymph
  3. Without Toxins

Automatic Programs:

  1. Weight reduction
  2. Waist points reduction

 DeVita Ritm

  1. Immune system protection
  2. Healthy kidneys
  3. Vegetative regulation
  4. Intestine without problems

Automatic programs:

  1. Metabolism Stimulation
  2. Metabolism Boost

In the USB DeInfo Programmer there is a folder for Ultra Slim+. This folder has all programs mentioned above.

Daily recommended sequential use of the programs:

DeVita Ritm

DeVita Ap


Automatic program “Metabolism Activation”

Automatic Program “Weight Reduction”


Automatic program “Metabolism Boost”

Automatic Program “Waist points Reduction”


Automatic Program “Metabolism Boost”

Automatic Program “Weight Reduction”


Automatic Program “Metabolism Boost”

Automatic Program “Weight Reduction”


Automatic Program “Metabolism Stimulation”

Automatic Program “ Weight Reduction”


Automatic Program “Metabolism Boost”

Automatic Program “Waist points Reduction”

The use of the programs can be continued for as long as required.

Follow the above usage instructions for the automatic programs for about two months along with daily consumption of the DeLixir Ultra Slim+ (15ml in the morning & 15ml before lunch) and you will be surprised with the extraordinary results that will immediately become evident on your body…

Nutrition & Usage instructions!
  • Remember that a balanced diet will increase the weight loss and will improve fat burn!
  • Daily dosage – 15ml. Dosage for children above 12 is 15 ml.
  • Take 15 ml in the morning and 15 ml before lunch.
  • Prefer to mix it with a glass of water or juice, even though it has an excellent taste.
  • Do not exceed daily dosage.
  • Drink it cool and shake well before use.
  • Drink plenty of water and walk 30 minutes daily.
  • After opening, keep refrigerated
  • Consume within two months after opening.

If you are having a difficulty on how to use the devices combined with the Ultra Slim+ or how to create automatic programs, leave a message here and a member of our team will contact you soon.

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