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Program “Balanced nervous system” on the new DeVita Ritm Mini device (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 1/No. 24)

Everyday worries, a fast pace of life, and problems that require immediate solutions are felt by nerve damage. Everyone expresses it in different ways, but few people react to any.

Many people are interested in how to calm their nerves without the use of pills. Some people believe that this is impossible, as sedatives have entered their lives for good.

The program “Balanced nervous system” on the new DeVita Ritm Mini device, calms the nervous system, normalizes the state of nervous stimulation and irritability, while not affecting the brain and its performance.

Application: Activate if you are experiencing emotional or psychological stress.

It can be used in conjunction with the “Healthy sleep” program if it is difficult to sleep because of the psycho-emotional burden (after the main program).

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