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Program “Healthy Day – automatic” on the new DeVita Ritm Mini device (GENERAL LIST OF PROGRAMS 1/No. 25)

A healthy daily program is very important for the proper functioning of the human body. Such a program alternates work and rest, physical and mental work, sleep and alertness and of course proper nutrition.

The automatic program “Healthy Day – automatic” on the new DeVita Ritm Mini device, was created based on the functionality of a person, from morning to mid - day. Our program wakes up the organism, including blood circulation, there are anti-stress programs, toxins removal, normalization of the digestive processes, it normalizes the hormonal system and energizes with the program "7 chakras".

Application: Use daily in the morning.
Or every other day, alternating with the automatic program “Health – automatic”.

Also in the morning we recommend the use of DeLixir Smart Cell Nutrition supplements, specifically DeLixir Multi-Energy along with the program, which fills the body with vitamins all day long.

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