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Departments of the Academy of Universal Knowledge "Resource".

The first department of the Academy of Universal Knowledge is dedicated to the most important, in our opinion, part of human life - Health.

The Health Department encompasses many areas of training for integrated and high quality human body improvement, rehabilitation and nutrition by physicians and health and innovation experts from around the world - using the most modern 21st century training methods.

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed:
1. Theoretical foundations of life.
2. Effective methods of health management.
3. The use of bioresonance for maintaining and improving the body.
4. Proper physical exercise and recovery afterwards.
5. Everything about healthy eating in the modern world.
6. Living water - as an important aspect of prosperity and longevity.

Complete the survey on the Academy's official website to:
- Be the first to know about the launch of the Academy of Universal Knowledge "Resource".
- Have free access to the first training courses of the Health Department.
- Have a discount on the educational materials.
- Start your cooperation with the Academy.

The Official “Resource” Academy website - https://academy-resource.com/eng

These benefits are only available to those who have the time to complete the survey!



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