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Tab 12 “The chart of Meridians”, on the DePuls+ express test device.

“The chart of Meridians” tab displays the meridian diagram, with shape and color depending on the state of the user’s meridians. Furthermore, displays an assessment of ability of every meridian to accept and give energy during the meridian daily cycle.

According to the Eastern medicine, it is the human body energy meridian that plays the essential role in the process of health maintenance. The Eastern healers believe that all the processes in the human body are inseparably associated with the events in the Universe energetic shell.

Scientists proved long ago that all processes of information transfer in the body are electrical impulses that are generated and transferred by nervous cells. An excess of the produced energy is partially absorbed by internal organs and tissues, but the remaining energy must be removed. The Eastern healers found the place of energy release – biologically active points – by experiments. The chains of such places on the body form conditional lines – meridians.

Additional information about Meridians, you will find in the manual of DePuls+.

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