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Roman Novikov, the President of DEHolding, presented a new direction of the company in the field of conscious thinking, which is: the International Academy of Universal Knowledge.

The Academy of Universal Knowledge is a source of real knowledge that will be of importance to the seeker in all areas of his life.

Today's world is full of all kinds of information. The Internet provides easy access to almost any area of knowledge. In a few minutes, we can get any text we need according to the search queries.

However, the presence of a large amount of information does not guarantee that we will start using it or that it may seriously affect our daily lives.

Most information remains a theory that has nothing to do with our real life. In other words: the information is much more available, but we have not become wiser and happier.

Thus, people are still looking for new tools, techniques and opportunities for knowledge transfer. And right now we are creating a truly innovative tool to achieve this.

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