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Recently, DEHolding unveiled new developments in the DeVita series software and device systems, increasing the arsenal of our technology users to an even greater degree to keep them healthy!

The programs are ready, and can be downloaded to DeVita Mini devices.

List of new programs:

The DEVITA AP MINI device will create the "General List of Programs 2", which will include:

1. Group: Intestine - 15 new programs.
2. Group: Nose + Respiratory - 8 new programs.
3. Group: Various Organs (Cardiovascular System, Urogenital System, Central
Nervous system, Skin) - 14 new programs.
4. Dentistry - 5 new programs.
5. Nervous System - 2 new programs.
6. Gastrointestinal System - 1 new program.
7. Stop Migraine.
8. Anti-inflammation - General.

6 new programs will be added to the DEVITA RITM MINI device in the existing "General List of Programs 2".

The DeInfo update (for BASE series devices) will be released this Wednesday!

The Arabic language update will be released in mid-December.

To update your device and add new programs and Complexes to the MINI device, you must:
1. Connect the device to the computer via USB cable (the computer must have Internet access)
2. Click the 'StartDeInfoMini' icon
3. In the upper left corner, click on 'Updates' and install all available updates
4. Restart the program (in order to properly connect the device, you must press the power button to activate the screen).

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