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The fifth nomination "Recruitment Master" - Communication Specialist..

Winner from Russia:
Gold – Dimitri Vlasov

Winners from Europe:
Gold – Iveta Palena
Silver – Patricia Hofmeister
Bronze – Stelios Demetriou

The victory in the "Recruitment Master" nomination was won by those partners who attracted the largest number of personally invited partners in the business. Attracting partners is one of the main components of successful development with DEHolding.

Gifts for the winners of the Business Marathon 2019:
- Gold (1st place) - DeVita Ritm Mini.
- Silver (2nd place) - DeVita Energy.
- Bronze (3rd place) - 5 DeLixir Smart Cell Nutrition Supplements.

Congratulations and don't slow down! All of your skills will help you win in a nomination in the Business Marathon 2020!


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