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The manufacturing company guarantees compliance of the device with the technical specifications, subject to observance of the
operating, transportation and storage instructions, by the consumer.

The guarantee service period of the device is 48 months from the date of sale through the sales retail network.
If the date of sale and the trading organization stamp are absent on the warranty card, the guarantee period shall be determined
from the manufacturing date.

During the guarantee service period, the owner has the right of free-of-charge repair, if the warranty card is submitted. The
warrantee repair is carried out at the premises of the manufacturing company. The delivery-transportation of a faulty device, to the
service centre, shall be at the owner’s expense.

In case of casing integrity damage (the secure seal is impaired) and/or if the warranty card and acceptance certificate are not
presented, the claims will not be accepted and the warranty repair will not be performed.

The following faults are not covered by the warranty:
- Deficiencies as a result of improper operation
- Deficiencies caused by natural disasters
- If the secure seals have been broken
- If there are any external defects (cracks, shears, etc.).

The customer has the right to obtain the new device instead of the damaged one in the following cases:
- The device was repaired three times within the warranty period;
- The device is beyond repair.

Attention! The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of device and its software with no degradation of
the existing specifications.

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