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 Portable antiparasitic device DeVita Ap

The antiparasitic electromagnetic device “DeVita-AP” is a health recovery appliance unmatched worldwide.It contains 30 pre-installed programs with a variety of 1500 programs to choose from. The device emits electromagnetic waves which resonate with the vibrations of various parasites, from viruses to helminthes. “DeVita-AP” then selectively targets malignancies and destroys them.

The outstanding effect of «DeVita-AP» use is achieved owing to its penetrating electromagnetic field into the human body. Highly precise oscillation frequencies are set allowing for influencing a specific microorganism deliberately, without causing any damage to surrounding tissues and organs. Specially developed care programs allow for maintaining a high health factor in conditions of the most diverse external and internal factors’ influence. Each developed course is aimed at influencing a certain microorganism.

The targeted parasites include:
124 species of viruses
95 species of bacteria
61 species of fungi;
31 species of protozoa
33 species of helminthes (parasitic worms)

Specially developed programs enhance the recovery process after the treatment of any existing diseases. Each course is designed for certain microorganisms.

“DeVita-AP” also effectively fights mycobacteria, though persistent immunity cannot be guaranteed. The effectiveness of the treatments above have been confirmed by numerous clinical trials. Due to its ease of use, anyone who wishes to can use the portable DeVita devices and restore their health and well-being.

The most important advantage of «DeVita-AP» is availability of automatic, specially developed programs for maintenance of high health factor in conditions of the most diverse external and internal factors’ influence. Moreover, the owner of the device has a possibility of device programming using any available preventive programs with USB DeInfo Programmer. That enables each person to select an individual course of preventive care procedures.

Warning! Bioresonance devices are contraindicated for use by women in the first trimester of pregnancy and by people, who undergone an organ transplantation. In addition, it is not recommended to use the device within the first two months after suffering a myocardial infarction. In case of suffering from serious heart disease, the device must be positioned no closer than 0.5 m from the body.

List of 30 pre-installed care programs (1500+ Available Frequencies with USB DeInfo Programmer)

1. Anti-Cold 11. No Bacteria 21. No herpes simplex
2. Anti-Flu 12. No candida 22. No herpes zoster
3. Anti-Virus 13. No chlamydia 23. No mould & funghi
4. Digestive tract health 14. No funghi 24. No hematodes & ascarides
5. Drainage Anti-Tox 15. No flu, general 25. No parasites. Digestive tract
6. Drainage general 16. No helicobacter 26. No parasites, general
7. Help against poisoning 17. No hepatities A 27. No protozoans
8. Intimate health 18. No hepatites B 28. no schistosomes, (blood-flukes) & trematoes
9. Mexican detoxification 19. No herpes 29. No staphylococcus
10. No allergies 20. No herpes (Type 1-8, C) 30. No streptococcus

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