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Portable device DeVita Ritm

For the first time the thought of energy presence in a human body and of health dependence on its circulation was expressed by ancient Esculapians of China, India, and Egypt. Every human organ emits certain resonance frequencies. Under the influence of unfavorable external factors such as the stress of modern life and technology, and toxic environments (physical and emotional), the body’s frequencies deviate from their natural parameters and a risk of disease can occur.

The DeVita-Ritm electromagnetic device is a unique development in the field of good health support without medication. DeVita-Ritm gently and safely influences the human body without disturbing its energy balance either wholly or locally.

The most important advantage of DeVita-Ritm is the availability of automatic programs for health support by sessions. In addition, the device has the feature of being programmable by any of the available wellness programs with USB DeInfo Programmer. This allows you to choose an individual prophylactic course for each person. 

“DeVita-Ritm” has been highly praised by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and has passed all the required clinical trials and testing in over 100 medical establishments in Russia.



Warning! Bioresonance devices are contraindicated for use by women in the first trimester of pregnancy and by people who undergone an organ transplantation. In addition, it is not recommended to use the device within the first two months after suffering a myocardial infarction. In case of suffering from serious heart disease, the device must be positioned no closer than 0.5 m from the body.

List of 30 pre-installed care programs 
(1500+ Available Frequencies with USB DeInfo Programmer)

1. 7 Chakras 11. Digestion (Metabolism) Normalization 21. Perfect Eyesight
2. Active protection 12. Free breath 22. Perfect Hair & Nails
3. Anti-Cold 13. Health, Female 23. Perfect Mood
4. Anti-Stress 14. Health, Male 24. Perfect Skin
5. Blood Circulation 15. Healthy Heart 25. Recovery from Injuries
6. Cardiac rhythm normalization 16. Healthy Sleep 26. Sexuality, Female
7. Clean kidneys 17. Hormones Normalization 27. Sexuality, Male
8. Clean lymph 18. Intestine without problems 28. Sports activities, Workout
9. Detoxification 19. Joints without inflammation 29. Warm-up
10. Digestion 20. Joints without pain 30. Without allergens


 The device comes upon purchase with two pre-installed automatic programs.

1. Healthy Day
2. Complete Cleansing

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